AIS Nutrition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

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AIS Nutrition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games
by ASADA Education - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 3:13 PM


Ever wondered how the Australian team stays fuelled for the gruelling competition schedule at the Commonwealth Games?

The AIS has produced this video discussing the support they provide to national sporting organisations, coaches and athletes to ensure they excel on the international sporting stage in Glasgow.



In today’s sporting landscape, it can be difficult for athletes to navigate the slippery slope of whether or not to take supplements: assess the risk, assess the need

Given the known risks associated with supplement use, maintaining an appropriate diet is one of the best and safest ways that athletes can ensure they are ready to perform at their best. 

The AIS provides some great resources to help all athletes from community level right up to the nation’s elite: AIS Nutrition