Play by the Rules April Magazine

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Play by the Rules April Magazine
by ASADA Education - Thursday, 23 April 2015, 11:15 AM

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Play By The Rules has released their latest magazine.  Check it out below! 



The latest Play by the Rules online magazine has just come out. 

In this issue we piggy-back onto the safeguarding the integrity of sport forums currently being organised by Play by the Rules and going around the country. In the forums we consider the impact of doping, match-fixing and the use of supplements on the integrity of sub-elite and grass roots sport within the context of ethical decision-making. 

So we have feature articles on ethical decision-making as well as match-fixing. Clyde Rathbone also considers what is really important and why in this context. 


As usual there are different formats of the magazine to chose from:


Please share with your colleagues and friends and encourage them to subscribe to Play by the Rules. 


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Peter Downs

Manager - Play by the Rules​